Ageatia Culture
Ageatia Software cultivates an entrepreneurial and diverse work culture in different divisions —helping employees and customers thrive and succeed professionally.

Core Values
•  Customer focused – In all aspects of the business the customer drives our success. Loyal customers fuel success and growth. Customers are external and internal; we treat each other with respect and integrity and with the best interest of the customer in all interactions.

•  Teamwork – We understand the interdependence of our common goals and collaborate across geographic, organizational and functional boundaries as one team to achieve outstanding results.

•  Execution – We create goals, are clear about roles and responsibilities, provide latitude to individuals to self manage and measure results.

Guiding Principles
•  Employee centric – We don’t stand on hierarchy rather on person-to-person relationships. We support each other and have fun working together.

•  Ethical behavior – We are a principle based team who protects confidential information, confronts unethical actions, and demonstrates consistency between our words and actions.

•  Fiscally balanced – We set and achieve aggressive financial targets that meet or exceed industry standards. We balance the need to invest with the need to get value for money. We balance the need to support our existing businesses with the need to develop new businesses both organically and by acquisition. We staff appropriately for the business needs. We always invest in our people; tools, training and development.

•  Innovation – We strive to be the innovative leaders in our work. We challenge everyone to think differently about what we do and how it is done. We encourage risk taking, asking questions, talking about options and refrain from discounting new ideas. We reach across product boundaries to understand Ageatia Technology solutions and how to leverage each other.

•  Communication – We share information quickly and easily to all levels of employees. We create mechanisms for employees to communicate their ideas laterally and upward. We encourage and measure managers on their ability to share relevant and timely information with their teams.

•  Adaptability – We are an evolving and agile company. We expect to deal with ambiguity and quick changes in the business with a level of self-confidence and a positive outlook. We strive for improvement to make things better, not just to change for change sake.

•  Corporate citizenship –We strive to engage our employees in activities that increase global thinking and appreciating cultural differences. We expect to give back to the communities in which we do business and the communities that we serve.

Ageatia Technology values the diversity of its employees and commits to maintaining an open and inclusive work environment.

Case Studies
Our case studies illustrate how Ageatia Tech Consultants have helped our clients solve critical business problems. These case studies provide accounts of how we work with clients to understand their business and deliver innovative technology solutions that provide effective results.
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Core competencies
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Career paths
Ageatia Technology Consultancy Services has many routes to foster a rewarding career.
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