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We provide a full range of information technology Workforce services


We provide a full range of information technology workforce services including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire solutions.
Our key differentiator is the strength of our recruiting team. We hire only the best technical recruiters and we provide continuous training on technical screening strategies, advanced candidate sourcing methods and behavioral interviewing techniques in order to consistently add value to our clients. Our recruiting team is equipped with powerful tools and resources that many of our competitors do not utilize.

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Staff Augmentation

Our core service offering is providing IT staff augmentation services that help our clients execute large-scale technology initiatives. We have proven experience in delivering qualified, reliable IT professionals at an unbeatable value.

We are the #1 provider of contract IT Workforce services for several of the largest companies in the country, and have been awarded supplier of the year honors by several major clients.

Our team of recruiters and account managers partner with clients to provide the most qualified, reliable IT consultants in locations around the country. Our experience spans several key industries; for case studies and more information on our industry-specific expertise, click here.

We provide the talent that technology leaders need to ensure smooth system implementation, enhancement, upgrade and production support initiatives. Our capabilities in providing high quality on-demand IT workforce in niche skill areas across the spectrum of information technology has resulted in hundreds of successful projects in several key areas, including application development, software testing, project management, systems engineering, business intelligence, enterprise architecture and security.

Contact us to learn how our IT workforce solutions can help your company gain a competitive edge by leveraging our innovative approach to attracting and retaining top talent.

Engineering Services

Aerospace Engineering

Our aerospace engineering services include product design and development, CAD/ CAM/ FEA/ CFD/ NVH/Technical Publications/NC programming, and supporting prototype parts and tooling to OEMs and other tier organizations.

Automotive Engineering

We are one of the few engineering services and solutions providers with extensive experience in vehicle engineering and new product development. Our automotive engineering services range from concept development to Start of Production (SOP).

Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Heavy Machinery and Equipment are utilized for several tasks like construction, earthworks, engineering vehicles, drilling machines, material handler, excavator, tractor, bulldozer, military engineering vehicles. AGEATIA supports equipment manufacture, design and development of various component.

Off Highway Vehicles

Heavy Machinery and Equipment are utilized for several tasks like construction, earthworks, engineering vehicles, drilling machines, material handler, excavator, tractor, bulldozer, military engineering vehicles. AGEATIA supports equipment manufacture, design and development of various component.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Heavy Machinery and Equipment are utilized for several tasks like construction, earthworks, engineering vehicles, drilling machines, material handler, excavator, tractor, bulldozer, military engineering vehicles. AGEATIA supports equipment manufacture, design and development of various component.

Recruiting Process

We have over 50 experienced, well-trained technical recruiters who are passionate about identifying great people for our clients. Our recruiters are experts in conducting technical screens and evaluating intangible skills. This ensures that our clients receive resources that are competent and a perfect culture match.

How do we attract top talent?

We identify potential candidates through referrals, LinkedIn, Meetup groups, networking events, user groups, conferences, email marketing campaigns, online advertising and direct recruiting.

Our applicant tracking system contains over 600,000 resumes of experienced IT professionals. We maintain detailed profiles on every candidate we communicate with, including our assessment of each candidate's technical and intangible skills, references, technical test results, notes from client interviews and observations from our personal experience with the candidate.

Our recruiters are more than resume sourcers. They are natural relationship builders and trusted advisors. Talented IT professionals refer their friends and colleagues to our team because of our competency, integrity and ability to provide excellent career opportunities that match their individual criteria.

How do we screen potential candidates?

We are able to technically screen candidates more effectively than our competitors because our recruitment organization is divided into specialized teams.

We structure our company this way so that our recruiters can stay focused in a niche discipline and they can build strong relationships with the best candidates within their area of expertise over a series of years. We have developed custom screening questions within each specialty area based on input from clients and our most experienced consultants. Our team has expertise in separating the top-tier performers from the mediocre resources.

Additionally, great people refer other great people. Since we attract the majority of our candidates through referrals and networking, we have a competitive advantage over workforce firms who rely solely on internet job sites to source candidates.

Technical Competencies

Companies need to get IT projects executed faster with fewer resources. IT Managers need the best people to get projects done right, but they are busier than ever. We enable hiring managers to reduce the amount of time spent interviewing candidates so they can focus on managing and mentoring their staff and driving projects to completion.

We are able to technically screen candidates more effectively than our competitors because our recruiting organization is divided into specialized teams. Read more about our recruiting process here.

Our technical competencies include:

  • Java/J2EE Development
  • Microsoft .NET Development
  • Open Source Development
  • Wireless/Mobile Application Development
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment
  • Architecture Design
  • Product Evaluation and Selection
  • EA Governance Strategy
  • Implementation Planning
  • User Interface Design
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Information Architecture
  • Section 508 Accessibility
  • Usability Testing
  • UNIX, Linux and Windows Systems Administration
  • IP Network Engineering
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network Management
  • Firewall and Security Engineering
  • Help Desk and Desktop Support
  • Storage Area Networking
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Database and Application Migrations
  • Replication and High Availability
  • Database Development and Performance Tuning
  • Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Capacity Planning
  • Data Security
  • Enterprise Reporting and Analytics
  • Scorecard and Dashboard Development
  • ETL and Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Performance Management
  • Master Data and Metadata Management
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Data Quality and Governance
  • Requirements Definition, Analysis and Documentation
  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Project Scope Definition and Project Planning
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Budget Planning, Forecasting and Management
  • Resource Management and Vendor Management
  • Change Management
  • Test Strategy, Test Plan and Test Case Development
  • Unit, Integration, System and Regression Testing
  • Functional and User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance, Load and Stress Testing
  • Automated Testing Tool Selection and Implementation
  • Integration Framework Design
  • Custom and Packaged Adapter Implementation
  • Business Process Management Integration
  • Legacy Application Integration
  • Web Services Enablement
  • Web Content Management
  • Collaboration Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Document and Records Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Information Rights Management

MSP Partnerships

As the workforce and consulting industry has evolved, many companies now utilize a Managed Service Provider and/or a Vendor Management System to assist in managing their IT workforce suppliers in order to streamline and optimize their contingent workforce.

We embrace the MSP/VMS model and we serve as a value-added partner for the nation's top Managed Service Providers. Our business model is structured to serve as a high-performance, responsive and compliant workforce partner within these programs on a national basis.

We are the #1 IT workforce supplier for several large MSP programs nationwide. Ageatia Global Solutions has won supplier of the year honors in several programs and we have been recognized for our responsiveness, quality, speed, pricing and compliance.

Contact us to take advantage of our ability to provide quality IT professionals in compliance with MSP program guidelines. We would be happy to provide references and more information on how we can help your program flourish.
Current Managed Service Provider relationships include:

National Capabilities

We have built a strong reputation for our ability to identify and place skilled IT professionals nationwide, including markets where we do not have physical office locations.

Our experienced recruiters use a proven referral and relationship-based recruitment methodology and state-of-the-art web and video conferencing tools to connect and communicate with the best talent in the country.

From our National Recruiting Center in Atlanta, we have successfully provided experienced technology professionals in nearly every state in the US and several provinces in Canada.

Our team ensures that all of our clients, regardless of where they are physically located, receive the same level of service that clients have come to know and expect when working with Ageatia Global Solutions.

Payrolling Services

Do you need a solution to safely engage self-identified IT contractors?

In addition to our core IT workforce and consulting solutions, we offer comprehensive payrolling, independent contractor engagement and supplier management solutions that help clients reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with engaging self-identified W2 workers, 1099 independent contractors and Corp-to-Corp contractors

Federal and state agencies have significantly increased the number of audits and lawsuits in an effort to detect and penalize worker misclassification. When companies self-identify contractors, even through referrals or previous relationships, it is very important that the proper measures are taken to mitigate worker misclassification and co-employment liability risks. The consequences can include back tax assessments, fines, penalties, retroactive benefit payments and litigation costs

We help you simplify contingent workforce compliance

Our compliance team is composed of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We also partner with one of the nation's top labor and employment law firms for guidance and expertise when needed. We help clients avoid the liability and risk of engaging self-identified contractors, including:

Returning Employees and Retirees
Non-Recruited Resources / Internal Referrals
Part-Time, Seasonal, Student Hires and Interns
Independent Contractors
Statement of Work (SOW) Consultants

Employer of Record (EoR) W2 Payrolling Services
With our EoR service, we serve as the official employer of record for the contract worker. We handle the entire on-boarding process, including new hire paperwork, client-specific NDAs, work authorization verification, background checks, drug screening, payroll funding and processing, tax withholdings, and time capture and expense administration. We provide the worker with full benefits which include medical, dental, vision, disability insurance and a 401(k) plan. The employee is covered by our workers compensation, commercial liability, and errors & omissions insurance policies as well as our third-party crime bond. We assume responsibility for all HR related tasks, off-boarding and any unemployment liability.

Agent of Record (AoR) 1099 Independent Contractor Engagement Services
Our AoR service for 1099 mitigates risks associated with properly classifying independent contractors. Our compliance team gathers information on the facts and circumstances of the contractor's assignment, reviews and verifies all supporting documentation and makes a recommendation on how the contractor should be engaged based on state and federal regulations. Our assessment process is thorough, well-documented, consistent and auditable. Contractors who do not qualify to be paid as an IC are paid W-2 via our Employer of Record service.

Agent of Record (AoR) Corp-to-Corp Supplier Management Services

Our AoR service for Corp-to-Corp vendors reduces the burden on your procurement, accounts payable and HR departments by removing the administrative tasks and risks associated with managing and paying additional vendors. We serve as a single point of contact for your sub-vendors and provide contract management, rate negotiation, insurance verification, reference checks and payment processing. With our AoR services you will receive a single consolidated invoice for all sub-vendor services that meets your billing guidelines, reducing the time and effort spent processing invoices.

With all of our services, we monitor and enforce compliance with your corporate policies, including insurance requirements, background checks and non-disclosure agreements, as well as break in service and tenure policies.

Contact us to learn how we can help you reduce costs, save time on administrative functions and simplify contingent workforce compliance.

Why Ageatia workforce?

At Ageatia workforce we are constantly exploring new methodologies, processes and approaches to place tech talent in the most efficient manner. Our approach is extensive and includes, but is not limited to, Fortune 100 & 500 corporations, mid-market companies and innovative startups. We work hard to provide you, our professional consultants,

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